Skechers Injury Lawsuit

This is not a matter that you can handle on your own, if you are wondering about how to file a lawsuit against Skechers. You will need to hire a law firm who has experience handling product liability matters and one that has the know how, the results and the finances to take on a large corporation like Skechers.

Skechers Shape-Ups Injury Lawsuit Video

Skechers Shape-Ups Injury Lawsuit Video

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  1. after useing sketcher shapeups for just over 6 week, i developed severe lower back pains, as well as much more frequent flare ups of my austoparoses in my hipps….i am now in much worse shape now then i was before i started useing tbe shoe

  2. I bought them thinking that it would help with my weight and strengthen my legs when walking. What I found out is that is was effecting my lower back and causing extreme pain. As to toning and helping loose weight that is just a farst…..
    Think twice before you believe everything you read…..


  4. I bought my skechers shape ups in 2010. I wore these shoes for a month when I started noticing that both of my achilles started hurting. I didn’t think anything about it, I stopped wearing the shoes for a while, but my achilles was still hurting. I put them back on to wear them and when I got home I was having difficulty walking due to painful achilles causing me to have to soak my feet. This allowed me to walk but the pain was still there. I went to my doctor and told him about the pain in my achilles after wearing the skecher shape ups and he told me not to wear them again. I spent 80.00 on these shoes just to say that I had to get pain pills and my achilles damaged. It still hurt until this day.

  5. I have had major hip problems since wearing my Shape ups, i own 3 pairs, at first they helped my lower back pain from being on concrete floors all day, however I have had to see a doctor since October 2011 for a compressed hip, I am in so much pain I had to leave one of my jobs. The pain has subsided dramatically since I stopped wearing my shape ups, however I still experience a lot of pain and can not afford to keep going to the doctors as I have no insurance. I can not believe how much damage the Sketcher Shape ups have caused my body! The daily pain I experience from those shoes is ridiculous!

  6. I got my only pair of skecthers footwear in 2010 and after each time I would wear them my legs would swell up so large, and my calves including the back of my upper legs wrong hurt so bad. I realized that it had to be from the shoes, because within acouple of hours the swelling would start going down. But it would take two days to get them back to normal. So I spent $110.00 dollars for a pair of shoes that just sit in my closet. I still have the reciept, and was wondering if I could get my money back?

  7. Since wearing the Sketcher Shape ups I have experienced pain I never, ever had before I started wearing them. At first I thought, No pain, No gain, like alot of excercise teachers say all the time. I figured this is working. I continued to walk my 2-3 miles daily and noticed the pain was not going away. After all, when you first start working out you always experience so stage of muscle pain and ache. But after 4 weeks, your muscles and bones should not still hurt. Even before hearing about the Sketcher problems I was getting worried. My only healthy hip, my right side is now worse than my left hip which had had surgery 4 years ago. Very depressing hurting just standing or walking. Now I don’t walk as much as I limp and I DO NOT wear those shoes anymore. Very unfair that they didn’t do alot more research before causing so many people such pain. This could be a life long lasting pain, unless I want a plastic hip….which, duh, I DO NOT just because of a sneaker. I also am angry at the Celebrities who promoted them and probably never even used them, just for a buck!

  8. I have worn sketchers shape up for work for a year since I bought it (year: ?/ first year it came out) believing the shoes will give me result as been advertised and relieve pressure on my shins. Now I was diagnosed with right knee arthritis i have to wear brace and surgery. I couldn’t sleep with the pain and my walking pattern have changed, my knee clicks and my hip on both sides are hurting. I have complained to BBB and to the company, no follow up or even an apology.

  9. I purchased the shape up sketchers and I really thought my legs would tone up, instead I have injured the back of my left leg that I have to wear a brace to keep it from hurting….I don’t want to go to the doctor because I hate surgeries, but I am afraid I am going to have to go and see what he says… My husband and I play tennis a lot and now due to my sketchers I have to wear a brace. I wish I would have never purchased the shape up sketchers….. I should have known, but the commercials were believable…

  10. I bought a pair of shape-ups for over $100 in 2010, and started wearing them frequently in early 2011. After about a month of regular use, my left achilles tendon was inflamed, and bothered me for about 5 months. I immediately stopped using the shape-ups. After the tendinitis went away, I never wore the shoes again until yesterday. After only 1 hour of use, my achilles felt tired.

  11. i am a victim of wearing the sketcher tennis shoes. when i first purchase the tennis shoe they did exactly what they said they would. toning my thighs, calf muscle, and easy walking. but for two years im been wearing them i have been dealing with severe lower back pain, sprong my ankle twice. until i by chance was listening to world news and heard about the concern for wearing these snickers i never would have put two and two together. i’ve been seeing a doctor for the last year and a half for my problem.

  12. i bought 3 pair shape up sketchers 2 pair for my jobs other pair for the gym cause said tone up your butts and ties but i feel my back itsbothering me and my knees and hips the comercial its to good to be true. I dont buy shape up sketchers again.

  13. I bought my Skechers shape ups to lose weight because they had no heel and are rounded on the bottom. I had a few tumbles on the stairs because they were carpeted. I did not hurt myself too bad I have a few witnesses for two of these, I was up at the University walking down the stairs to the gym because of the shoes. I fell forward and tumbled down 18 stairs and did damage to myself fractured wrist, broken nose, teeth nearly went through my upper lip and multiple facial contusions. I have a doctors note that says he felt it was the shoes also. I hope you can help me

  14. I purchase a pair of Skechers Shape-ups.In September,2011.When I first began to wear my Skechers Shape-ups,they seem great,and I could feel them making me use different muscle,one day as I was power walking,I lost my balance and fell,I broke my fall by stretching my hands and arms out in front of me,so I would not fall face first into the pavement.I never felt this fall had anything to do with my pair of Skechers Shape-ups,in the fall I injured my wrist and hands and aggravated a pre existing medical condition in (my neck,arthritis) I believed that I must have misstep.I was unable to work for about a month,once I felt better I went back to work and again,I started exercising,and walking,and again I fell ,this time i was not quick enought to brake my fall,but I fell in the direction of a patch of grass,so I was not injured ,in the same way as before,this time the force of the fall was like a shock waze throughout my entire body,so from that point on I was very cautious,while walking,as time went by,my ankles started to swell and the muscle and tendon around my ankles began to hurt.Now I can not walk more than a few feet, and when I first get up in the morning my ankles can not support my body weight.I was in very good shape,in fact in my cummunity I am know as the walker,I am a big guy,I weigh 255 lbs but I am not obsessed,before this injurie,I would walk every were,in fact I never used my car,I truly love to walk and everyone in my community will tell you the same.Now I am unable to walk to the end of my street.I was a out side sales person,my job did not have medical,so I have been unable to get treatment,I was told by the doctor,that I was able to see,that for one I have foot spears,and two,I need a opperation not for the foot spears,but for the damage done to my muscle and tendon around my ankles,I was also told that,the reason I am unable to move my head from left to right is because my fall aggravated a pre existing medical condition in (my neck,arthritis)in fact I never even knew that I had arthritis until now.Please help me I need to see a doctor,as soon as possible.Mr Michael L Hubbard address 4452 west 61 Street Los Angeles California zip 90043 Home phone 323-291-4452 Cell 323-203-0919
    I will be moving out of my house on December 1,2012,I have lived here for almost 20 years,but after my injury I have been unable to work,so I have been unable to keep up with my bills.I have used all of my savings,and I need to get back on my feet I don’t care about the money you can have it all,I just want to see a doctor so that I am able to take care of myself,I am 60 years old I don’t want to be a old man who is unable to walk.If you’re unable to help me please let me know,so that I can go to another Attorney before its too late.Thank you and have a great day.
    Mr Michael L Hubbard
    4452 W 61 Street
    Los Angeles Calif

  15. I just injured my ankle, lower calf area, I was told I have tendinitis. It hurt so bad to walk. I bought Sketcher s soon as they came out. I have 5 pairs, my first pair I paid $140.00, at the sketcher shoe store in our mall. Wow, now I hear how they have caused injury. Ouch…Something to think about.

  16. I have suffered injuries from my Skecher sneakers which I bought in Chapel Hill, NC . I have ankle, foot, and gait problems.

  17. I sliped and fell on Friday Nov. 24 Black Friday. Causing me to go to the emergency room at the Pekin Hospital. Was x-rayed and found not to be broken but badly sprained. Was prescribed tramadol for the pain and given a plastic cast to wear for 14 days. Bruised up to my calf and the entire ankle and top of foot. Have pictures of the injury. Missed two days of work over this.

  18. I bought these shoes on May 2010. I was about 4 months pregnant when I had my first fall. and right after I gave bith to my baby girl I had a send nasty fall where, I almost snaped my neck. I paid more then $100.00 dollars for something that was not worth it. I will love to at least get my money back. thank you.

  19. I purchased the skecher tone ups flip flop version black with sequins I thought how cute and I can even get a work out while looking cute,until one dreadful day I was in my home wearing my cute skechers and I tripped and fell landing directly on my left knee resulting in a blown out meniscus which I had surgery for my doctor also discovered an acl tear . I lost income from these skechers, I could not walk after surgery I relied on a wheel chair and walker and currently as a result of my injuries my knee slips out of place and locks up after sitting for long periods of time skechers has cost me a life time of pain surgery has not helped.

    I was unaware of the horrific injuries that could result from wanting to be in better shape and trusting that a company had did it’s research and was being honest with it’s consumers. These was by far the most expensive shoes I ever bought and I am still paying for them today.

    • I suggest you call Estey & Bomberger to find out what your legal rights are. Consultations are free and if you have a case and they take on your case, you don’t have to pay anything unless they recover money for you. Their number is 1-800-701-1988.

  20. After wearing these Skechers, for a month, I have developed leg problems in my left leg, sciatic nerve, and I am unable to stand, let alone walk for just a short period of time, I just can’t do it. I haven’t been able to work normally like I usually do, the pain is so bad, that I have to come home early from work ,because the pain is unbearable.

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