How to file a lawsuit against Skechers

If you are wondering how to file a lawsuit against Skechers you are not alone. Skechers Shape Up Shoes have been causing serious injuries to people who have been wearing them, including broken ankles and bones, ligament damage and many people who require surgery to fix their injuries.

Some of the stories of injuries we hear include the following:

“I need hip replacement surgery after wearing Skechers Shape Ups. What should I do next?”

“Because of Skechers, I just I had to have surgery on my ankle a month ago. I have been wearing the Shape Ups now for over a year. I use the shoes to strengthen my ankle muscles like they are advertised but this has just caused serious damage to my ankles.”

“I’m having to go in for surgery on my ankles as a result of wearing Skecher shape-ups tennis shoes and am currently on my second pair.  I started having pain in 2010 and I had my first surgery 2011, about 6 months after the pain first started.  Do I have a good case against Skechers?”

If this sounds like you, then you should contact a Skechers lawsuit attorney today. You need an attorney who is experienced with these cases and is currently handling these cases. If you have suffered serious injuries from wearing Skechers, then you may have a case. Have you dealt with any of the following from wearing Skechers?

  • Broken bones
  • Broken ankles
  • Torn ligaments
  • Angle surgery
  • Broken wrists
  • Wrist surgery

Get legal help today, do not let Skechers get away with causing you harm! Get advice and figure out your next steps right away.