Have Skechers Shoes Caused You Injury?

Skechers shoes have caused lot’s of people who wear them severe pain and has even led to torn ligaments, broken ankles and surgical repair. What kind of pain has Skecher’s Shape-ups caused you? Share your story below.

42 thoughts on “Have Skechers Shoes Caused You Injury?

  1. My Sketchers have caused my left foot to have pain in the arch and on topo of my foot. Causes me to limp due to pain.

    • I’ve purchased 3 pairs over the last year..when I bought them they worked great..I’m a waitress and I’m on my feet a lot on concrete floors..for the last couple months my bk has started bothering me and the 3 wks ago I got a hairline fracture in my left foot for no reason! Never fell,kicked anything,dropped anything on it,etc..I go to dr n I also have a pinched nerve in my bk bc of my walking in these shows! I’m 29 with these issues bc of shoes I thought were helping me!

  2. while walking in my scechers, I lost my balance, had severe calf cramps, I fell, cracked my head on the pavement and was taken to the hospital with a concussion

  3. I have had major hip problems since wearing my Shape ups, i own 3 pairs, at first they helped my lower back pain from being on concrete floors all day, however I have had to see a doctor since October 2011 for a compressed hip, I am in so much pain I had to leave one of my jobs. The pain has subsided dramatically since I stopped wearing my shape ups, however I still experience a lot of pain and can not afford to keep going to the doctors as I have no insurance. I can not believe how much damage the Sketcher Shape ups have caused my body!

  4. I have been wearing the skechers for work womens Encompass Toning Slip-Ons. I have bought 3 pair and have noticed that I have a lot of pain with my Achilles Tendon in both feet. I never even related it to my shoes until I started reading all the other stories that other people have posted. Makes a lot of sense now.

  5. i was visiting in colorado and bought a pair of sketchers,2 days before my return home on amtrak.there was a wreck in winter park, co. and we were transferred to buses to denver. i was standing next to my seat(putting my purse down)and all a sudden my knee made a crunching sound heard way in back of bus (i was at the very front). i tried to put weight on it,but had so much pain ,i was in tears. could not walk on it at all. got to denver and ambulance was called and took me to er. i had tore the ACL IN MY KNEE, PUT IN A BRACE TILL GOT TO SPECIALIST AT HOME IN IOWA.this was 5-17-2010. the specialist put on diff. brace and i went to physical therapy. nothing helped. got a cortizone shot it helped for few days. since then i still cant use knee like i use to, still gives out on me and alot of pain at times. doctor said it will get better within 6 mths,,WRONG ! still cant walk right, need cane at times. now they say will never be the same again. may have surgery. shape ups are the worst !i will never be able to run an play with grandkids again.

  6. I purchased a pair of Shapeups in Feb. or March of 2010 at Lady Footlocker in St. Joseph, MO. They were very comfortable and I really Liked them. However, I soon experienced back problem and my chiropractor told me to cut back on how long I wore them. I alternated with other shoes and was very careful when wearing them. I continued wearing them off and on for the next year. In July of 2011, I was walking across my sidewalk in front of my house and was wearing my shapeups and twisted my ankle. This resulted in a fracture and a ligament torn in half. I had surgery to repair the ligament and frature. Unfortunately I no longer wear the shoes out of fear of further injuries. I thought they were very comfortable and did like them, just too leary of them.

  7. Since I have been wearing my Sketcher Shape ups I have had extreme hip pain. I do have a bad hip on the left from a surgery but my right hip was my only GREAT hip I had left and now I limp constantly and use a cane sometimes because I cannot put full weight on my right hip. I am a walker, 2-3 miles per day and started feeling calf, thigh and right hip and right back pain. I thought they must be working since everyone says about excercise “No pain, No gain”. Now, don’t walk and just have pain 24/7 in the right hip. What are my options?

  8. What the heck–did they not test these sneakers before putting them on the market to realize they throw your alignment off? My knee pain was terrible. I tried to find out if others were suffering like me—I stop using them once the knee pain got too bad. I was not happy I spent 100 dollars (the first time in my life) for a pair of sneakers, but I had faith in them, because they looked like they would be cushioned …best with the insole flats!

  9. my shoe got caught on the carpet at work causing me to fall and resulting in backpain. missed work and been to physical therapy and am currently seeing a specialist

  10. I have had three surgeries since wearing shape up skechers shoes. I still have new ones i never wore because I did not figure it out till my foot doctor told me to quit wearing them due to the rolling of my foot. I use to walk 3 miles a day and now with the foot reconstruction and the nerve not coming back I will be in a brace for life as well as my right foot I have a brace as will not go through that surgery. I also fell so much that tore my shoulder and went through two surgeries the final one in Feb 2012 for new shoulder replacement.
    I’am still in physical therapy. Its sad because over a year ago I was in great shape and if I had not worn those shoes would of not fallen so much and done so much damage. It is not safe for older people as they are so unstable and change the way you walk. I had to spend 17 days in rehabilitation to learn to walk again. C Kirch

  11. made my whole body hurt after wearing had a bone on top of left foot bulgout right foot had bone on my heal bluge an still after 2years bone spur on right heal

  12. im injured both of my hipps and my lower back , my right foot keeps locking up i need a lawyer if your one who is doing this law suit please get call me… 406-498-0058

  13. Yea, I bought Sketchers 2 years ago but only wore them sometimes because of the pain I got from wearing them. Now, I have ankle and bottom of foot pain and a knee problems. The other problem is that I am outside of country and have no way to contact lawyer, anyone know how I can contact lawyer or what should I do?

  14. I have had 3 Arthroscopies of Knee since November due to sudden onset of Knee Pain. Numerous tears, including medial and ACL, may required additional repairs. Doctor has major reason to believe it is due to Skecher sneakers and thier Flip Flops(3 pairs which I use almost everyday. Never a problem with knee till I started using Skechers. Dioctors wants me to dispose of them immediatle. Already spent over $6000.00 in medical co-pays, and still “crippled. Daughter bought a pair of flip flops a month ago, last week she started having severe knee pain out of the blue..???? What right does a Consumer have?

  15. I have purchased 8 pairs of Sketchers Shape ups. I have had severe knee pain and even had surgery on the right knee. I had a bone spur and cartilage removed and meniscus and knee cap repaired. When I wear the shoes both my knees are in pain and are very swollen. I sometimes can barely walk. All this pain for a tighter butt. (which never happened)

  16. I wore Shape – Ups to work every shift for a little over 18 months. I never put two and two together until I decided that I would purchase a pair of slip-on type shoes for work, this year. The problem I noticed the most, with Shape – Ups on, was that my knees ALWAYS hurt. About a year into wearing Shape – Ups, I had a “fall” accident at work and the only reason I could figure that I fell was due to the shoes. I missed three months of work due to sciatica and a right buttock contusion from falling. Now that I do NOT wear the Shape – Ups at all, my knees still ache all the time and the arches of my feet are in extreme pain when barefoot and moderate pain with the slip – on shoes on. I do not have personal medical insurance and therefore I have to just deal with the pains each day. It is too bad that the Shape – Ups allegedly caused these issues cuz honestly, the soft / foam sole height actually was nice cushion when having to be on hard surfaced floors during my shifts however the long term residuals are terrible.

  17. I I bought 4 pairs of Shape Ups Sketechers in the last 2 years. I did not notice any problems in the beginning whe I did no wear them often. However, I took a trip and since I was going to do lots of sightseeing I brought one pair of Shape Ups and another pair of regular sneakers. I used the sneakers for the gym only and the Shape Ups to walk in the city. After a while, I noticed that I developed bulks in the back of my ankles, on my Achiles Tendon. Due to the severe pain that the bulks caused me, I couldn’t even walk. I”m walking with difficulty now and taking pain killers. I have no health insurance at the moment.

  18. I had a platinum plate in my left foot that was never supposed to break. It did break and I wonder if it had anything to do with the Skechers shoes that I wore all the time

  19. While chasing down a commuter bus in Tempe, AZ, I fell while wearing my Sketchers Shape Ups. Somehow I became unbalanced and fell on my right knee and hand. I had had a surgury that was successful on my righthand (degenertive joint disease) no more pain before this occurance. I went to the emergency room and had x-rays done on my knee and was told that I had no broken bones and was relieved, then 3 days later the pain in my knee was so severe that I needed a walker to get around. Now six months later the pain in both knee and hand are still there and without medical insurance I will not be able to get relief.

  20. I bought 4 pair of sketchers over the last few years after I had back surgery. They were supposed to help. Instead I now have increased back and hip pain and have fallen once when I wore the Sketchers. I don’t wear them anymore but am on scheduled pain meds everyday. It has made my life miserable.

  21. I’ve been wearing sketcher shape ups while I did my power walking (anywhere from 2/1/2 to 8 miles a day 5 days a week). I wore 3 pairs of sketcher shape ups over a 2 year period. 5 months ago while I just started my routine I heard and felt a pop in my left butt. I looked it up online and it seems as if I have injured my ischial tuberosity. Someone told me not to wear my sketcher shape ups anymore and I’ve stopped – – and it feels much better but I’m still not able to exercise.

    • Hi Missy,

      Have you spoken to an attorney who is familiar with these lawsuits? I suggest you call Estey & Bomberger, LLP, the attorneys who are handling most of these cases. They will know exactly what your options are. Visit http://www.skechersshapeupsinjurylawyer.com for more information or call them at 1-800-701-1988 for a free consultation.

  22. I had back surgery in 2001 I bought a pair of sketcher shape ups in 2011 thinking it would help my back. Instead it has caused increased back pain where I had to seek out a chiropractor to help eliminate the pain. I have noticed when I do wear them which is not very often my knees hurt. I just heard today from one of our drivers there was a lawsuit against them for causing pain. I will stop wearing them it they are the culprit of the pain. I would like to get my money back for the chiropractor and the cost of the shoes. I do have insurance.

  23. I got my injury on 5/18/2012,I was at work and was pulling a pallet of food and when I went to stop my whole leg bent backwards and I’m still having trouble with it,the doctor asked me if I’ve been wearing these shape up shoes I told him thats all I’ve been wearing,he said no more wearing them,I have to go get a 2nd mri on my leg,I’m on light duty,can’t work more than 4hours a day and I just can’t seem to get rid of the pain!!!Don’t know when it will ever heel!!Been having pain ever since it happen!

  24. Due to the shoes, I lost my balance and injured my right knee. I was unable to put any weitght on it – and it is still weak to this day. I spent months in the hospital receiving physical therapy. My knee will most likely NEVER be 100% .

  25. Skechers have also caused my injury….at first things seemed ok with them and after a couple of weeks I felt a pop in my upper right thigh..now I can hardley lift my leg and even in my sleep if I shift my leg just right it pops….wakes me up it hurts so bad!

  26. Every time I wore my Skechers, about 45 min after putting them on, I would be in unbearable burning radiating pain in my left foot, as well as my big toe & the bone on top & side! It hurt so bad that I couldn’t even walk. The bone on the inside of my L foot is the size of a jaw breaker. Since Skechers, I have a very lrg painful bone spur on ball of right foot, constant hip, low back, aching leg & foot pain. I noticed that every time I wore the shoes, I would have horrible leg cramps in my calfs at night. I’ve always loved Skechers brand, but now, NOT SO MUCH!

  27. My Skechers was the great motivator for taking my usual morning walk. I was walking and my ankle twisted while on the sidewalk with nothing obstructing my stride, I fell and hurt my knee and fractured my wrist and a bone in my thumb. The muscle in the calf of my leg hurts like a heavy weight is pulling it back as I walk, so I had to stop walking in them..

  28. I have been in pain now for over A yr Now IM seeing A pain Management Doctor Now I Never Thought About It beeing My Skitchers Shapes . My Lower Back Is IN Pain All THe time And My Leg Gets Shape Shoting Pain I alway Thought ITs Becouse I have A defect With My Spinie Where It Makes An S It Never Hurt Me Until I started Wearing Shapes Ups But I never Thought it was the she sI was THanking It was My age.It Never Brother Me this Bad Til Someone told me that its my shoes I looked at them like the where crazy and they told me thee is a big recall I have 2 pairs that i used for shaping up.

  29. I have been wearing nothing but my sketchers flip flops , now I have terrible pain and swelling on the bottom of my left foot. Can barely walk now.

  30. while wearing Sketcher flip flops with a slight wedge, I fell and broke all the Metatorsal bones in my foot. I had surgery and now have 9 screws and a plate in my foot. The recovery took 18 months and is now , I am told by my Doctor, that it is as good as ti will get. I am still in pain.

  31. Have my second pair of sketchers having worn out first pair in less than 12 months (sole literally crumbled). First pair very comfortable (black and white suede-like uppers) and would leave them on after early walk/run with my dog when I was not going to work. Second pair (light coloured joggers – white with purple-pink contrast) not as comfortable, make my feet v. hot and irritate bunion on left foot (initially thought just needed to wear in as purchased same size as the black and white pair). Developed pain in left hip and reduced flexibility (could not rise easily from full squat) – thought it was just age but am generally active and fit – did some stretching exercises which improved the condition. Now I have problems with right hip – stopped wearing the sketchers about two weeks ago and have less pain but need to strengthen hips and considering physio therapy for loss of flexibility. Am quite alarmed with lack of power in my upper legs when climbing stairs and even sitting for prolonged periods – sometimes feel that my legs will fail under me when using stairs – this is totally alien to me and very unpleasant.
    Don’t like to blame the shoes but I feel these new problems are related to wearing them….

  32. I work retail and love the shoes cause my feet didn’t hurt. I have actually went through 3 pairs 100 dollars each for them. the 1 day I jumped off the tailgate of truck and when I did I fractured my knee in 2 places tore my ACL in half and tore my calf musclese of it and had to have surgery

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